About Me

“If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk.” -Robert Baden-Powell

Welcome guys,

My name is Camila Araújo, I’m a Portuguese Girl and…

In this blog I will share my thoughts, ideas and my days. I started this in July 2014 and I intend to keep going, so You need to stay with me, pleaseeeeee… I’ll try publish something new and fun so keep watching

I have Small and Meaningless life, Yet. Just like everyone, I hope some day I can live happier and better. But for now I’m stuck in here (Hihihi I love it). And nothing better than knowing new people and new perspectives of the world. It’s like getting to know a person by the way they write or the things they publish.

It started with a poem but now it’s everything you want it to be, I’m happy to write for you. If you like leave a message with suggestions or just your feedback.

Join me every (hopefully!) Monday and Thursday!

I’m still learning so you have any tips let me know.

Thanks for reading and hope you like my blog❤

CONTACT: illustratinghappiness@gmail.com

Thanks for reading ❤



8 thoughts on “About Me

      1. Yes I do, but I don’t know how to put stresses from my computer 😛 My boyfriend is Brazilian, we speak English to each other but I learnt Portuguese going often to Brazil!

      2. Cool that’s amazing! I wish I could visit Brasil, i heard it’s amazing. One day you should consider coming to Portugal and learn to talk Portuguese like we do, it’s a bit different coming from a Brazilian accent. Have your ever visited Portugal?

      3. I still haven’t visited Portugal, but I would love to. I guess it would be hard to also learn Portuguese from Portugal without getting confused 🙂

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