Guimarães, Portugal – Historical City – Weekend Trip

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Guimarães it’s the Birth City of Portugal. Yes, this is the city here Portugal became a Kingdom, back then know as the Portucalense County! And this gentleman down there was our first King – D. Afonso Henriques aka The Conqueror!

DSC_0053 (222)

In August we took a little trip there so I decided to that you along the ride. First, we had lunch at a restaurant called “Neca Magalhães” – It’s a great place to have some great dishes and also their decor was really warm and traditional, and the Castle is right down the street.

Next, we headed to the Castle of Guimarães. Inside we could really imagine all those people trying to defend their territory, there is also an exhibition telling the story of how Portugal became Portugal.


Finally, we went to the “Paço dos Duques de Guimarães”, don’t forget to visit this one, here is where all the good stuff happens! Those historical pieces of furniture and all the tapestries are there, there’s also an art exhibition by José de Guimarães. And the gem of the crown is the huge and colourful glass windows. See for yourself!


Hope you like it, I certainly did! Let me know your thoughts!

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